RecBoot 1.3 full download free

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RecBoot 1.3

RecBoot 1.3 full download free

RecBoot 1.3

Do you have problems with your iPhone? Do not worry, most of the time with a solution: recovery mode or reset. Until now, you can only access it by pressing a combination of buttons, but using RecBoot everything becomes easier, and all that is required, – a one-click.

napakaiOS useful mode

Recovery mode – is the solution to many problems in iOS, so access to it can help youreset the device if a firmware update occurs an error, which “kill” your iPhone.

As a rule, you have to press a combination of buttonson the device to perform a restore on the iPhone. Sometimes this is not possible, especially if the home button on the iPhone is broken. Recboot because you can enter into recovery mode without pressing any buttons.

RecBoot aktiborecovery mode with three easy steps: connectyour iPhone to your computer via the USB cable, start the software and click the “Enter rescue mode”. When you nuzhnoIspolzuyte this mode, just click the “Exit Recovery Mode” and iyongiPhone will be back to normal.

Use it in some instances

recoverymode is designed for experienced users who want to perform some operation on your iPhone. If ikawhindi know why this mode, we recommend you do not use, such as activating it, go to the essence of your operating system on the iPhone.

You should also note that, for the moment RecBoot will only work on computers running 32-bit operatingsistema. If you have a 64-bit program will not work. We hope it will be fixed in future updates of the application.

In addition, RecBoot requires iTunes version or older, as wellas the .NET Framework.

A life saver for iyongiPhone

RecBootcan restore your iPhone after it stops working due to a firmware update failure, and can recover data from your phone, kotoryeVy thought they had lost. This is incredibly useful if you are familiar with iOS recovery mode.

RecBoot 1.3